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MDX is a format that allows you to write content in markdown and import and use React components inline. It's an excellent format for documentation, blogs, or other forms of structured content.

This guide is a work-in-progress. If you'd like to help make this better, please open an issue or pull request on GitHub.

Rebass components can be imported and used directly in MDX documents, which lets you apply styles inline to sections of your page. Since the sx prop is built into the components, this can be a quick way to apply one off styles or create custom components like callouts and note boxes.

In the following example, the Box component is used to add a callout style box around its contents.

import { Box } from 'rebass'
# MDX Example
> ”This is an important quote.”

You can also use the sx prop with child selectors to dramatically change the layout of MDX content.

import { Box } from 'rebass'
# MDX Example
ul: {
listStyle: 'none',
display: 'grid',
padding: 0,
gridGap: 3,
gridTemplateColumns: 'repeat(auto-fit, minmax(128px, 1fr))',
li: {
fontWeight: 'bold',
- This is a list
- Displayed in a grid layout
- With custom styles
- Pretty cool, huh?

If you make repeated use of a particular layout block, consider moving it to its own component that can be imported in multiple MDX documents.

If you'd like to style the markdown elements with the same theme object and a similar API to Rebass, use the Theme UI library, which includes first-class support for styling MDX content.

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