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React primitive UI components
built with Styled System

npm i rebass

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  • Start your design system without boiling the ocean
  • Build consistent UI with design constraints and user-defined scales
  • Best-in-class developer ergonomics with Styled System props
  • First-class support for theming & fully compatible with Theme UI
  • Quick, mobile-first responsive styles with array-based syntax
  • Flexbox layout with the Box and Flex components
  • Flexibility built in for high design & development velocity
  • Minimal footprint


Live Demo
  • “One of the best React component libs out there”

  • “Rebass is the Bootstrap of React.”

  • “A whopper component library built on styled-components. Responsive, systematic, scalable...the business!”

  • “Why the hell are we now putting CSS in Javascript? I’m losing my mind with web developers trying to control everything in the world with client-side javascript. What a mess.”

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